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We are aware of an issue where you cannot use your stored card to make purchases. When making a purchase, under the payment method screen, please select "Use A Different Card." The next screen will ask you to enter your card information. Until the stored card issue is resolved, you must use the "Use a Different Card" option for every purchase. Thank you for your patience and understanding while this issue gets resolved.
Due to ongoing subscriptions issues related to the above, we have extended customers subscription end dates. Any customer that would have their subscription date end on Nov 17th to today have been extended to Dec 8th. We may extend it further if the issue has not been resolved on the back end by then.

This site requires you to be a subscribed member. A 30 day subscription will cost $30. It will automatically renew and be charged to the credit card put on file unless cancelled under Manage Subscription before the renewal date.

A 1-day subscription costs $7.00. This subscription will automatically expire 24 hours from the time of purchase. The purchase of any additional 1-day subscriptions will require you to re-enter credit card information for each additional 1-day subscription.

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